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    Vue 2.7 is Now in Beta!

    We are happy to announce that Vue 2.7 is now in beta.

    Despite Vue 3 now being the default version, we understand that there are still many users who have to stay on Vue 2 due to dependency compatibility, browser support requirements, or simply not enough bandwidth to upgrade. In Vue 2.7, we have backported some of the most important features from Vue 3 so that Vue 2 users can benefit from them as well.

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    Vue 3.2 Released!

    We are excited to announce the release of Vue.js 3.2 "Quintessential Quintuplets"! This release includes many significant new features and performance improvements, and contains no breaking changes.

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    Reflections for 2020-2021

    With a new year upon us, we also have a new blog! In this post, we would like to take a look back at some of the highlights from 2020, as well as some ideas we have for 2021.

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    Announcing Vue 3.0 "One Piece"


    Today we are proud to announce the official release of Vue.js 3.0 "One Piece". This new major version of the framework provides improved performance, smaller bundle sizes, better TypeScript integration, new APIs for tackling large scale use cases, and a solid foundation for long-term future iterations of the framework.